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Kyu Belt Grading

Attention all students and parents and black belts !! The dojo will be running our next gradings on Saturday, Feb 02nd. All classes are running normally that day and will not be affected by the gradings.

Date: Saturday, Feb 02nd

Kids BBC Classes

Feb 09th at 9:30am-10:45am

Adult BBC Classes
Feb 09th at 11:00am - 12:15pm

Date: Adults and Kids Saturday, Feb 09th
Family Day Closure

On Monday Feb. 18th the dojo will be closed for Family Day. Classes will resume on Feb. 19

Date: Monday Feb. 18th
Inner Dojo Tournament

Attention all students and parents !! The dojo will be running our next Tournament on Saturday, Feb 23rd. All classes are cancelled for the day. Instead, we will have a great time for family and friends and great photo opportunities for parents as the kids compete against each other in events like: Kata, sparring(kumite), team kata, Weapons(Kobudo), or for the pee wee classification - self defense. See the front counter for more information.

Date: Saturday,Feb 23rd
March Break Camp

March Break is coming up fast. If you are looking for something awesome to do come to Karate camp. There is a karate class everyday, movies, games, hikes, and bowling. More details to follow

Date: March 11 - 15
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