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Bushido Kai - Dojo Etiquette

You are now a Karate student with newly acquired discipline. Presented here are a few guidelines that will make it easier for you to study Karate in the traditional manner.

  1. Please take off your shoes in the reception area and place them on the rack or mat.
  2. Please SWIPE IN, each time you come to class.
  3. After you have changed and are entering the Dojo for class please stop and bow.
  4. As a student, please remember to address the head instructor as Sensei at all times. Nothing else is allowed, even outside of the Dojo. (Sensei means "Ahead on the way.")
  5. It will not be necessary for you to acquire safety equipment, until you reach Orange Belt. At that time hand pads, foot pads and mouthpiece are required.
  6. In the Martial Arts your word is your bond. Your integrity is an important part of your training.
    Don't break your word!
  7. When Sensei enters the Dojo it is customary for the senior student to call the class to attention.
  8. To prevent disruption, we ask all students to please stay out of the offices unless asked in.
  9. Should your uniform come undone while in class etiquette requires that you turn away from the instructor or your partner, kneel down on one knee and fix your Gi quickly.
  10. Your uniform should be clean and all tears repaired.
  11. If you do not feel well in class, raise your hand to get the instructors attention.
    Never leave the Dojo without permission.
  12. Please do not talk to people who are looking in on the class or walking by.
  13. Keep in mind that you are one of many students. Be neat, and have pride in your school. Show this pride by cleaning up after yourself.
  14. All valuables should be left at home or taken into class.
  15. Please remember that class begins and ends on time. Should you be late, observe etiquette by kneeling quietly at the door and wait to be admitted.
  16. Training at least two classes a week is recommended.
  17. If you go on vacation or are sick, please let us know and your membership time will be put on hold. This way you lose no time on your membership.
  18. Keeping your word applies to paying your membership fees on time. We rely on you to do this so that we can meet our financial commitments.
  19. Dojo clean-ups happen regularly. At this time we give our Dojo a thorough scrubbing and general repair work needed. Your help is greatly appreciated on these days
  20. Proper etiquette dictates that all Black Belts should be referred to by their last name. ie. Mr. Smith/Mrs. Smith