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From: Mr. Michaelson - Father of Student age 8:
My son looks forward to every karate class. He enjoys the teachers, has made some friends and is learning important skills. Best of all, he knows that he will only pass his belts if he truly earns it - unlike other schools that pass kids regardless of how they demonstrate their skills.

* * * * *
From: Mrs. Janjua - Mother of Student Age 11:
Karate has taught my daughter to focus and given her more self-confidence. She is also able to follow tasks that are given to her more efficiently. We hope this will be a long life process and hope this will help her in the future.

* * * * *
From: Mrs. Hanley - Mother of Student Age 7:
In the three months my son has been in karate, I have seen his confidence level improve when it comes to meeting people or in everyday activities. He is more aware of his surroundings and is very vocal to express his concerns. He enjoys coming to class and is always eager to show me what he has learned in class when we get home. So I like to thank everyone at the Bushido Kai for their help in contributing to my son's new self-confidence.

* * * * *
From: Ms. Nikmanesh - age: 19 (Shodan)
To me, karate is the creation of harmony between thoughts, words and action. When these three are carried out with the same motive, they create unity within a person. Karate, through physical practise, meditation, goal setting and improvement create a system of unity between words, thoughts and actions, which may well be applied to daily life practice.

* * * * *
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